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Frenchcore Essentials (BPM200) by Tanukichi

Frenchcore Essentials (BPM200) by Tanukichi

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All-in-one sample pack designed for musicians at all levels who produce hard music around 200 BPM. It includes a rich selection of Tanukichi's signature Frenchcore Kick & Bass, Kick FX, Drum fills, various drum samples, Synth & Bass loops, and FX sound sources. It's a high-quality samples collection ideal for producing music in genres like Hardtek, Frenchcore, Hardcore, and similar styles bpm around 200.

Bpm200のハード音楽を制作するあらゆるレベルのミュージシャンに最適なオールインワンサンプル音源です。Tanukichiの代表的なFrenchcore Kick & Bass, Kick FX, Drum fill, 各種ドラム音源, Synth & Bass loops, FX音源を豊富に収録。 Hardtek、Frenchcore、Hardcore等 bpm200近辺の四つ打ち音楽製作に最適なクオリティ音源集です。


20 x Tanukichi Signature Kickbass
20 x Kickbass Tail longer
20 x Kick FX
10 x Fills
10 x Hihat Drum Loops
10 x Screech Loops
20 x Snares & Hats
10 x Crashes & Rides
15 x Sweep & Reverse & Sub FXs
6 x Stab sounds

(141 Sample inside)
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