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Hardsound Collection (BPM 190, 200) by Tanukichi

Hardsound Collection (BPM 190, 200) by Tanukichi

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Single-shot drum sounds, Kickbass, Synth sounds with selected BPM190, 200 loops from "Tanukichi - Master Hardsound master collection" sample pack.
Ideal for creating harder sound music such as Hardtek, Frenchcore, and Hardcore.

"Tanukichi - Hardsound Master Collection - Sample pack" より単発ドラムサウンド、Kickbass ,などに加えBPM190, 200のloopを選出したsample pack, Hardtek, Frenchcore, Hardcore等のハードミュージックの作成に最適。


30 x Kicks

10 x Kick FXs
12 x Drum Fills
20 x Hihat Drum Loops
12 x Percussion Loops
20 x Synth Loops
35 x Snares & Claps & Hats
15 x Crashes & Rides
38 x Sub Bass sounds
30 x Sweep & Reverse FXs
40 x Noise Texture FXs
30  x Atmosphere FXs
5  x Abelton Effect Racks

(297 Samples inside)

Artwork by @merakcz
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